InBody Testing

We are an official InBody testing location with InBody certified professionals on staff! It’s time to take your progress tracking to the next level!

Look beyond the scale! See you what you’re really made of with the InBody 570 Scanner, a new piece of equipment that uses cutting-edge technology to measure many areas, including:

WeightBody Fat MassBody Composition History
Lean Body MassSkeletal Muscle MassBody Fat-LBM Control
Dry Lean MassPercent Body FatSegmental Lean Analysis
Total Body WaterBody Mass IndexBasal Metabolic Rate

Scan Includes Detailed Analysis and Explanation of Results

*You may test bi-monthly or monthly to monitor your fitness and nutrition training. Progress Tracker Packages are available for multiple scans as well as group discounts.

Pricing is as follows:

Members: $25 (Included with 6+ month commitments!)

Non Members: $70 (If you choose to join any of our programs within 72 hours of your test, this will be applied to your membership!)

Before & After Package: (Includes 2 scans to be used at your discretion) $119 (Save $10)

Quarterly Tracker AKA Buy 3 get 1 FREE: (Includes 4 scans to be used at your discretion; suggested every 3 months) $169

Progress Tracker Package: (Month to Month Draft; Unlimited Scans) $60/month minimum 3 months commitment. 

Refer 2 people and GET a FREE Scan!

*For large groups like classes/field trips or learning/training experiences, please inquire about group discount pricing.

InBody is trusted by top hospitals, gyms and professional sports teams because of its precision and ease of use. The machine is fast, accurate and non-invasive. It is also the only machine that is correlated to be 98% as accurate as the DEXA (Dual-Energy X-Ray Absorptiometer) commonly regarded as the industry’s gold standard. The average cost of a DEXA scan is $132.

Our Certified and Trained Personal Trainers & Nutrition Specialists will utilize the InBody 570 to lead you through a full body composition analysis! Assessment appointments are only 15 minutes and include a full analysis, explanation, & printout of your results.


The InBody test lasts approximately 45 seconds, and is followed by a short consultation to describe the data and answer questions.

Before a test, you should:

  • Use the bathroom
  • Maintain the same testing conditions as your previous test (for second test)
  • Use an InBody tissue to wipe down electrodes (provided)
  • Avoid eating or wait 3-4 hours after a meal
  • Avoid testing if before the test, you:
    • Exercised strenuously
    • Used a sauna, steam room, or bath
    • Consumed diuretics such as caffeine, alcohol, and medication
    • Have a fever, cold, or chill

Because the bottom of your feet must be in direct contact with the electrodes, clothing items such as shoes, socks, stockings or leggings must be removed for accurate results.

Changes in body composition reflect body status, which may be affected by factors such as disease, nutrition, hydration, and medication. Accessories such as jewelry may interfere with the electrical conductivity. It is recommended to maintain the same testing conditions from test to test to produce high data reproducibility and comparability.

  • People with artificial electrical implants such as a defibrillator or pacemaker should not be tested. The electrical currents of the InBody may disrupt the functionality of life-sustaining implants.
  • Women who are on their menstrual cycle may not get obtain accurate results due to subtle changes in hydration and body water levels.
  • Pregnant women are not recommended to take the test because of the body’s constant fluctuations during pregnancy.
  • InBody devices use direct segmental measurement bioelectrical impedance analysis (DSM-BIA), a patented technology, to precisely measure body composition by sending multiple electrical currents through the body, resulting in up to six different impedance readings for the trunk and each of the four limbs. The innovative in-depth analysis of the InBody exam yields accurate results for body composition outputs, such as body fat mass, skeletal muscle mass, (segmental) lean body mass, and percent body fat.

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