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Welcome to Revive Fitness, a results-driven, personal functional training studio located in Ormond Beach. Here at Revive, we are committed to helping you improve your health, performance, and body composition. Our highly credentialed and experienced personal training staff is considered to be among the best around Volusia County.

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Our highly educated certified personal trainers can assist you in reaching your fitness and weight loss goals. They work with you to assess where you are, where you want to be, and create a practical plan to get you there!

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As an elite personal fitness studio in Ormond Beach, we run a series of Coached Classes that will get you in-shape, keep you motivated, and guide you toward great results. Our Signature Coaching along with Revive’s proven techniques will help you lose pounds and inches quickly, while providing you with the knowledge to keep it off.

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We would love to guide you toward meeting your goals and enjoy a better quality of life. We will safely coach you every step of the way. Whether you are an athlete, in rehabilitation, a new mom looking to get in shape, or a retiree out to spend your golden years as active as you can, we can assist you! Stop by and take a tour, meet with one of our personal trainers, or try a class. 1st Class is always FREE


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“Health has always been my passion which is one of the reasons I went to med school. I started exercising in 1968 well before Arnold was born, but unfortunately got in the cardio craze and ran for over 40 years before I realized I needed a more comprehensive program. I have always had phenomenal aerobic fitness and had run a sub 2:50 marathon, but I seriously lacked strength and flexibility and overall comprehensive fitness. I have had about half a dozen personal trainers in the last five years and without a doubt Arnold is one of my favorite as even after a year he is always coming up with new routines based on my specific weaknesses and challenges. He knows how to push and provides some great recommendations for my daily home workouts which consist of HIIT and Power Plate training, and body weight exercises, like pull ups, pushups, dips, leg raises and TRX. Arnold has provided targeted exercises that supplement my twice weekly training with him that have helped me attain a body and fitness level I am proud of, which allows me to fully engage in life without pain or limitations.”


“I have worked out and played sports my whole life. I always thought I was in pretty good shape, but I was getting bored with my routines. Then a friend brought me to Arnold. However fit I thought I was went out the window! Arnold’s boot camps were so challenging it took me some time to be able to complete a class without stopping! It is such a challenge that after the 2+ years I’ve been doing it, I’ve never been bored. My body fat percentage has dropped, my endurance is higher, and I’ve never been stronger. Arnold’s Boot camp has given me the power to run in 5k’s, rock climb, compete in adventure races, improve on my athletic skills and lean up for photo shoots. He even had me looking perfect in my wedding dress! Arnold and the staff at Revive Fitness are the best! THANK YOU!!”


“I had wanted to get healthy for quite some time but never committed 100% to the idea. When I finally made that commitment, I decided to find a trainer that would help me meet my goal. So the search began and I found Arnold. Thank God I found Revive Fitness and Arnold. Initially, my goal was to get off my blood pressure and cholesterol medicine and the weight loss would be an added benefit. I am 49 years old and had been on those medications for over 17 years. Being that Arnold has an extensive background in body building and years of personal training experience he was able to tailor the sessions to my personal needs and goals. The work-out sessions were challenging and Arnold always made them enjoyable and fun. I never felt like I was in a routine and repeating the same thing over and over. After just a few short months, I was able to reduce one of my medications and after 6 months I was off it entirely. And within 7 months, I was off my second medication, so goal met!! Oh… and as for the side benefit of weight loss… I’ve gone from a size 12 to an 8!! If I could say one thing to someone considering Revive Fitness it would be to pick up the phone and call today!! As soon as you meet the trainers you will know you found the right place.”

EMESE ASZTALOS Daytona Beach, 2017

“I joined the Revive Fitness Family a little of a year ago and since then, I became a different person. After having two boys, a full-time job, and being active in the local Hungarian Community, was hard to find time for myself. I knew I had to do something for my health, but I needed someone to show me how. My friend encouraged me to turn to Arnold, a fellow Hungarian, at revive Fitness. With Arnold’s advices of better eating and three -30 minutes workouts a week, over six months, I not only reached my goal weight but kept it off, and got stronger, more confident, more flexible!!!”


“When I first met Arnold I had a 3 month old baby and was in desperate need of help. I had gained about 60 pounds during my pregnancy! I had been thin and fit my whole life and was having a hard time with all the changes that pregnancy can bring. While some of my weight came off quickly, a lot of it didn’t and I was not comfortable with where I was. I was living in Kansas City at the time because my husband was an outfielder for the Kansas City Royals. As a traveling baseball wife who is constantly in a new city, it was hard to find a consistent program where I could achieve my goals. It was also hard to find the time to take care of myself with my precious newborn. Thankfully that’s when Arnold came into the picture! Even though Arnold was in Florida he trained me through Skype! He has now trained me off and on over the past 2 years and I actually have only met him ONCE in real life. The thing I love most about working out with Arnold is that he makes it different every time so I am never bored. He is a great motivator and pushes me to go harder and to not give up. He understands the way the body works and can target certain areas that you want to work on. It would be amazing to train at Arnold’s gym, but since we live in Chicago now I know Skype is the next best thing! I have been back to my pre baby weight for a while now, I am modeling again, fit into all my old clothes and I feel better than ever! Not only do I consider Arnold a good friend but I would recommend him to anyone! Thank you Arnold!!”


“Finding Arnold and the Revive center is the best thing that happened to me. Searching for a way to step up my current exercise regime, I decided to try Zumba. After researching my options, I inquired about classes at Revive. From the beginning I knew I made the right decision. My goal was to lose 15 pounds for my brothers wedding. I exercise regularly, but, still felt I wasn’t reaching my potential. Having less than two months to accomplish my goal, I needed help. Arnold challenged me to meet my goal by following a special meal plan and personal training. I was ready and willing to work hard. My results are amazing!!! I have lost my 15 pounds and reshaped my body in just 7 weeks! Never before have I achieved such incredible results. I love his class and cannot believe what I am able to do, considering I had spinal surgery. I am overcoming my fears and feel great. Looking forward to many more challenges. I can only say if you are willing to dedicate yourself to a better you, give him a try.”


“With an April wedding in sight, I started with Arnold in January ’08 after a friend of mine, Erin McKinnon, highly recommended him. She told me Arnold has this amazing ability to help tone you up and almost equal out your body proportions, while still helping you look feminine. I figured she wouldn’t steer me in the wrong direction saying she looked amazing. With such a high recommendation, I decided to start with Arnold and see where it would lead me. I started going every week, three times a week. Before I knew, it was April and I was 23 pounds lighter! I had reached my goal and then some, all thanks to Arnold! He helped me reach my dream of looking my absolute best on my wedding day. I had had the princess dress for awhile, but not the princess body; by my wedding day, I had the whole package and couldn’t have been happier. Since then, I have stayed with Arnold. I had worked so hard and made such a lifestyle change, I couldn’t just give it up. I also couldn’t give up on the trainer who I now consider my friend and confident (and my miracle worker). I feel so blessed and lucky to have found Arnold. He helps you reach your goals, pushes you to get results, always has faith in you, is your number one fan and by the end of it all, becomes an honest, loyal and caring friend to you. The way Arnold makes you feel and look; training doesn’t feel like a burden, it’s something you look forward to. If you have ever dreamed of getting in shape or having a dream body, I would recommend Arnold ANY day!”


“When I was looking for a place to work out, I had been to a handful of fitness centers. All giving me the same fifteen minute standard promise to get into shape. I was desperate to find something different. I stumbled on “Revive Fitness” in a google search for a good boot camp class. I called Revive on a Monday morning and spoke to Michele. I was pleasantly surprised. Michele answered all of my questions and took the time to explain everything Revive had to offer. Thanks to Michele, I was optimistic I had found a place that was different. I made an appointment to meet with Arnold and find out what Revive was all about. After meeting Arnold, I was confident I had found what I was looking for. I started working out with Arnold three times a week. From day one, Arnold was very patient with me. I could not do one push up when I started working out. Arnold encouraged me to keep a positive attitude and not give up. He continued to motivate me to push myself forward. I have never felt better about myself inside and out. With Arnold’s guidance, I have lost 9 pounds in seven weeks, and can do 10 push ups. Looking back to where I started from, I am so thankful I found Revive Fitness!”


“I’m not the typical client for a personal trainer. I’ve been in two big car accidents, have had back surgery and have Chronic Fatigue/Fibromyalgia. Plus, I’ve never been the athletic type. I’ve been told that physical therapy was pretty much my only hope of getting in better shape and have been warned about personal training because of the risk of causing more pain. When I started with Arnold, I was afraid of trying much for fear of pain but Arnold has encouraged me to trust him. At first, it was hard but now I’ve learned he’s usually right and he has proven his knowledge of training over and over again; it’s almost a natural gift. Sure there are times I may not quite be able to do what Arnold wants, but he is quick to see my limitations and change things accordingly. With me, it has probably been a lot slower process than for more people but it has been worth every minute – I can now do things I haven’t dreamed of doing since 1977! I have muscle strength I didn’t know I had, feel empowered to do things and am enjoying life more and focusing less on hurt. At 50, I know I won’t have the body of a 20 year old beauty queen but I can have the body of a healthy adult. I know I owe all this to Arnold and his patience with me and his knowledge of the human body. It’s great when people tell me how much better I look. It’s not just the body but it’s the confidence of knowing how much stronger both mentally and physically I feel. I can’t say enough about Arnold! I can’t wait to see my doctors and show them that what was once thought impossible has become possible. I still have Fibromyalgia but I know I am in the best shape possible and it’s all thanks to Arnold. Anyone who has any hesitation because of health or thinking I can’t move like that, should give Arnold a chance. You’ll be amazed at what you can do. I know I was and still am.”


“Training with Arnold, I find I am much more successful than training on my own. Training alone, I get into a rut doing the same exercises all the time but Arnold changes the workouts often producing faster and better results. I especially see the difference in the mirror and the way my clothes fit now. And I really appreciate how closely he monitors our form and method to make sure we work out safely. I have arthritis and was told that exercising could help – it’s true. I find I very rarely need pain medication as long as I work our regularly. All I can say is: Thank You, Arnold! Update: My journey with Arnold continues. It has been a year of accomplishments – I have dropped two dress sizes and one pants size. People are amazed at the difference. I have more energy and stamina especially when I am working out. I find that I am able to do exercises that I could only watch when I began! And, I am on a food plan that I can feel good about and easily live with the rest of my life. Arnold, you are my hero! Thank you!”


“The most wonderful thing that has happened in the month that I have been working out with Arnold’s assistance is that I have so much more energy. I am a 73 year old woman and semi-retired, what I mean by that is, I own an apartment building and the only time I have to really do a lot of physical work is when I have to redo an apartment. I usually would work all day, come home and hardly have enough energy to cook dinner, my back would hurt and I would ache all over. This past week I had a day in which I had to paint and clean and repair an apartment, when I finish, I came home, prepared dinner, cooked ahead for another dinner, cleaned up, washed clothes, and worked in my office. I am elated that I could accomplish so many things and not be aching. Even though I have not followed his advice as closely as I should in the area of eating, I have shed 4 pounds. When I started, I could no do a sit-up, I now can. Arnold has taught me to push myself a little more than I thought I could. I can hear his voice now “ come on Miss Loretta, you can do it, come on, you can do it”. Thank you Arnold, you are great!”


“Arnold is an inspiration to anyone who he come in contact with. He has changed my life. I am in the best shape of my life thanks to him. He is a motivator and very understanding. Whether it be the nutrition aspect to obtain your goals or the exercise regimen, he is tough, but extremely compassionate in helping you get to where you want to be. He is a great trainer, and I would recommend him to anyone that truly wants to change their life, and their health.”


“I started training every week with Arnold in October 2007. He has truly become on of my favorite people to work with. He has earned my respect for his knowledge and ability to teach using a variety of results oriented techniques customized for me. The time spent is never dull or boring. The results have been well worth my time and money spent. Primarily, I sought personal physical training to relieve the adverse effect of my very stressful job as the President and Practice Manager of Holland Financial. At first the scheduled sessions were difficult to keep. However, no matter how exhausted I was, I went as scheduled. I always felt great when I finished the training and the aerobics that Arnold recommended. I sleep better and I’m more alert during the day. Arnold also customized an eating plan for me which balanced the calories with proteins, carbs, and fats. Together with the regular exercise the results are great! I dropped 15 lbs and two pant sizes. I look and feel great! As part of Holland Financials Corporate Wellness Program, I hired him to provide two training session for each interested employee at our Company’s new fitness center. The employees enjoy working with Arnold so much that he now trains many of them weekly. We have seen wonderful results, from this investment in our employee’s health. I highly recommend Arnold Kolozsvari to anyone looking for the best in physical training.”


“As a true testimonial as to the effectiveness of Arnold’s Boot Camp program, all I can say is WOW!!! I’ve been in the program for less than two months and the changes I’m already seeing are phenomenal. His program is truly geared to all body types and exercise levels which is a true plus. You are very talented and knowledgeable about exercise and nutrition and I would recommend this program to anyone!”


“No, I’m not a pageant queen & I’m not really young but I still love Arnold’s Bootcamp & personal training style. Arnold has helped me to be in the best shape of my life at the age of 50!”


“It has been my pleasure to train under Arnold. He demonstrates and confirms that technique does matter. I lack the youthful metabolism that protects one from poor diet choices and fruitless exercises. After, literally, years of frequenting a gym around my busy work schedule and jogging for aerobic exercise, I came to realize that I had reached a plateau and neither adding more time to the gym nor distance to my jogging was improving my body tone. A friend, well knowledged in weight lifting and body building, recommended Arnold to me after watching his techniques from a distance. It was a great recommendation and I forward now that same recommendation to anyone interested in improving their physique. Arnold has perfected a technique of body sculpting which is seemingly effortless but very productive. One hour under Arnold is worth more than three hours on my own and with results. I thank Arnold for restoring my faith that even a middle aged woman with little time for upkeep can, with proper technique, still achieve and maintain a youthful body tone.”


“No one can say enough about Arnold! He is without a doubt the most caring, supportive knowledgeable trainer I have ever trained with. I have been working out with Arnold since October 2007. I back-slid a little last year but started back with personal training in September 2009 and added Boot Camp in December. I have lost 15 lbs and get complimented everyday on my appearance. I listen to everything he tells me and guess what???? It works! Boot Camp is awesome no matter what your age or experience level. Arnold takes time with everyone and helps them overcome every challenge. I am 58 years young and am in perfect health. Thank you Arnold!”


“I took a month off due to an injury to my rib which left my left arm completely numb due to pinched nerve, per my physician and other Dr’s I needed to be on complete bed rest and on steriods and pain killers for a long time which I completely did not agree to, if it was not for the 6 weeks of personal training with Arnold and his guidance thru this, I would have still been unable to move my arm… I cannot thank him enough for his effort Back to Boot camp as of Feb 2013 Although its a group class it feels one on one as each of us are pushed to our limits to reach our goals. It is an intense training and not easy but very effective… I started at 187 lbs and today at 142 lbs… wooohooo. my goal is to reach 135 and I am on my way to it… from a size 12-14 to a size 5-6 feels great. Amazing journey so far and I feel amazing. If you are Looking for real results this is the place you need to be… Thank you … Thank you… Thank you… you guys are literally helping people change their lives for the better. Love you all.”


“After giving birth to my son in Tampa, Florida, 3 years ago, I moved to Ormond Beach, Florida with my husband. Between being a mom and a full-time litigator, working out and fitness became a low priority for me. As a result, over the past 3 years, I noticed I did not fit into clothes the way I wanted to, gained weight, had poor eating habits, and had poor sleep patterns. Finally, in June I decided to try personal training with Arnold. Arnold immediately wanted to address my eating habits and gave me an overall physical assessment and helped me understand that I needed a life style change to make my physical health more of a priority in my life. Within one month, noticed a dramatic change almost immediately. I lost 7 lbs., and an inch and a half around my waist. In addition, I am sleeping better and eating better. As a result, I have more energy and do not continue to have a sluggish feeling all day. I am continuing to notice dramatic and positive changes in my body each week. The impact of working out with Arnold has been a positive life changer for me in several areas. He is an incredible trainer, and I would recommend him highly. Thank you, Arnold.”


“After living in a few large cities where I had access to anything I needed and a multitude of choices, I found moving to Daytona to be a major change. I didn’t think I would find the services I was used to receiving. I did a bit of gym hopping when I first got here but then REVIVE was recommended to me and it is an ideal gym for people interested in being and staying motivated and actually enjoying going to the gym. Arnold, the owner, is dedicated to maintaining extremely high standards for himself, his trainers, and his clients. REvive not only pushes us all to work to our potential but shows us how we can get there and doesn’t let us forget that we have the will to do it. No excuses! His own physique is one to be admired and he sets an example for anyone in the space. He recently purchased all new equipment for the gym which brings the standard of excellence even higher. He is dedicated, loyal and committed to health and wellness and helps us all achieve the same. Angelika, my trainer, who transformed her own life and body several years back is helping me transform into the athlete I am continually working towards. It is a motivating environment and I would recommend REVIVE to anyone looking for a transformation or to maintain good health or even find new friends!”


“How do you thank somebody that changes your life so you feel great and are ready to take on the world? You guys are amazing!!! It has been a year since I started at Revive and today, at 40, I am in the best shape of my life. I exchanged 30 plus lbs and many inches for a healthy lifestyle, some incredible friendships and a toned, fit body. Thank you for all those boot camps, nutrition plans, personal training sessions and especially the encouraging words along the way. Special thanks to Danny who put up with me when I didn’t want to train, pushed me to my limit, made working out fun and never boring, convinced me somehow to actually follow his nutrtion plan and did all this with a smile on his face.”


Four years ago, I wanted a change from my “normal” exercise regimen, so I joined Revive. Since that time, I have undergone a physical transformation as well as a psychological one. not only do the trainers at Revive teach about proper form and technique for exercising, but the importance of balanced nutrition, and the undeniable fact that you will not see true change until you incorporate both aspects into your daily routine. Arnold, Angelika, and Chrissi are motivating, tough, yet caring and encouraging. They constantly push me further than I would have imagined I was capable. I love knowing that I am taking care of myself both externally and internally. I am also proud of the example that I am setting for my children. I would never have thought that I would be in the best shape of my life in my 40s! I am uncertain of how many pounds and inches that I have lost, but I have gained knowledge and self confidence that is priceless.


“I never struggled with my weight growing up, well into my 20’s I was able to maintain my weight pretty well, even after my first child. I began to hit a struggle in my 30’s after I had my second child but was able to take the weight off with moderate exercise and very little change to my diet. It wasn’t until after I had my third child and hit my 40’s that the weight became difficult to manage. I exercised regularly but I was not able to sculpt my body. The main exercise I did was cardio, lots of running with very little results. I had tried some classes at other gyms, but they were mundane. A friend had been training at Revive and really enjoyed it, so I thought I would try it out. The studio atmosphere is very friendly and motivating. Arnold and his team are consistently encouraging their clients to challenge themselves. You will not sculpt your body without challenging yourself. The group training classes are different every time. This is necessary because our bodies will quickly adapt to the same old exercises and you will not see results. Best of all, the coaches make sure you are completing the exercises correctly. I have been training at Revive for over a year and have not injured myself because of the consistent care and explanation that is given with each exercise. Now, I really enjoy training and look forward to the days challenge. I have lost the weight that I gained from having my third child and, despite my age, have kept it off with the consistent training and encouragement from the Revive coaches. If you are looking for a place to train that will challenge you while supporting you every step of the way, look no further than Revive Fitness.”


“It took me 47 years to really understand that if you want to live to your fullest potential… you have to eliminate the words “I CAN’T” from your vocabulary. When I first walked through the doors of Revive Fitness, I brought with me an extra 22 pounds and all the negative mind baggage I had been carrying around from the past 10 years. During my very first boot camp class I found myself saying over and over again, “I CAN’T DO THIS” or “THIS IS TOO HARD”. But I was compelled to return and come back the next day and the next and so forth. What kept me going were the positive messages that were being thrown back at me by Danny telling me that I can do it, and that in fact, I can do more. Prior to joining Revive, I had been a member of just about every Gym in town and I frequented quite a few of them. But what was missing from the other gyms was someone like Danny pushing me to keep going When I thought I couldn’t do anymore. About 3 months into boot camp, I realized I was no longer telling myself “I CAN”T DO THIS”. Through consistent and positive feedback and encouragement, Danny manage to retrain my attitude. So, with my renewed attitude intact, I began pushing myself harder and making better food choices. That is when I really started seeing results. I have lost over 20 pounds to date, but more important than the weight loss is what I have gained as a member of Revive Fitness… a lifestyle change. I honestly believe none of this would have been possible without Danny and the rest of the Revive Team. Through their training, I was inspired to change the way I think, motivated to push myself harder and determined to keep going so I can reach my potential.”


“I would like to thank everyone at Revive, especially my personal trainer, Danny Legault. I came to Revive after prolonged serious medical issues that have ravaged my body. I was underweight and extremely weak. I couldn’t even pull myself up after doing a single lunge. Through personal training at Revive, I have regained my strength and stamina and have rebuilt my body to be very fit and muscular through this last year. With the guidance, expertise and encouragement of Danny and the team at Revive I feel great! Many thanks to Revive for helping me get back to being a fit person again and stronger than ever.”

ERIN MCKINNON 2007’s Maxim Home Town Hottie

“Arnold has forever changed my life! In November 2007 I won the title of Miss Ormond Beach USA. The next step for me was competing in the Miss Florida USA Pageant. I was not nearly in swimsuit shape. Arnold totally transformed my body, and it was AMAZING! He made my workouts fun and my diet was catered to my specific needs and tastes for food. Training with Arnold was the BEST decision I could have ever made!”


“My first session with Danny was back in September, about 7 months ago, and it is crazy to see how far I have come! I decided to get a trainer after I tried to enlist in the Army and was turned down because I was too heavy. It was humiliating and I needed help. I was 203 pounds and completely out of shape. I couldn’t do one push-up, I hadn’t run since high school, and the thought of working out was intimidating and didn’t seem worth my time. The only way I was able to make steps toward losing weight was by working out with my trainer, Danny Legault. At first I didn’t think I would be able to lose weight and get in better overall shape. That didn’t last long, within a couple of weeks Danny had me exercising harder that I have ever done before. His encouragement and instruction completely changed my outlook. I became eager to meet whatever challenge Danny put before me and surprised myself at all I could accomplish physically. My body began to change and I still continue to build muscle, lose weight, and feel better everyday. Since this process began, I have lost 44 pounds and enlisted in the Army because I was able to meet the weight requirements! This could not have happened without my trainer, Danny. Now when I meet with Danny I can do at least 32 pushups, more sit-ups than I could have ever imagined, and with a level of confidence that I can do more if I want to push myself. My whole lifestyle and way of thinking has changed and this would not have happened without Danny. He has helped me to know how to eat so my body is fueled correctly, but still lose weight. I recently ran the Gate River Run, a 15k (9.3 miles), and a 6.3 mile Mud Run. I am no longer looking at exercise as an unattainable task, but as an adventure I am willing to take on. I love the way I feel and look. Danny has made a big difference in my life and I know he would only do the same to your!”


“As a varsity football (kicker/punter) and competitive soccer player, being sidelined with a severe hip flexor strain was bad news for me. Doctor’s orders were for four weeks of total rest, putting me way behind on my training schedule and having to miss elite sports camps over the summer. The first call I made was to Danny at Revive Fitness. As soon as the four-week wait was over, Danny started me on a program to strengthen my core to support my hips and lower body. He knew exactly how far to push to minimize my recovery time without the risk of further injury. When I was cleared for leg work, Danny started a strength training program that brought me back quickly but safely, focusing on form and control. Thanks to Danny, I’m back stronger than before and more aware of my body movement. I can honestly say I would not have gotten back to the field so fast or in such good shape without Danny’s oversight, direction and genuine concern for my overall well-being. Thank you, Danny, and thanks Revive!”


“I was in poor shape, feeling flabby and old, and was looking for a gym and workout that would continuously motivate me to get in great shape. I was never one for a gym type atmosphere or classes because the results never came. But I found my motivation at Revive! Danny is the greatest trainer ever, and he has helped me push myself to reach my fitness goals. I’m on my way to being in the best shape I’ve ever been in, and I’m seeing results after only a few months of dedicated hard work. I love my personal training sessions because they work in my schedule, every week, and as a busy mom and attorney, I look forward to each and every session because it’s my time. Thank you Danny, and thank you Revive!”


“After having two babies both by C-Section, I was watching my body slip into a form I never thought would happen to me. I was scared I was never going to have a flat stomach again and that the sagging areas were there to stay. I realized if I did nothing to help myself it was only going to get worse. After only one month of starting the Revive bootcamp workouts, I’m already seeing major results. My abs are getting stronger and visibly more defined, my arms and thighs are becoming more toned and most importantly my body feels alive again. I have more energy to play with my children and I’m a happier person overall. I love coming to work out because each session is different, fun and full of energy, I would recommend to anyone that wants to see their old self come back, get in this class now.”


“I’ve been working out in Boot Camp for 2 ½ months. I lost 25 pounds and 2 inches around my waist. Boot Camp is a lot of fun with many different exercises that keep it interesting. It is a high intense workout that gets you results!”

MEGAN CLEMENTI Miss Florida USA 2010, Miss Volusia County USA 2009, Top 5 Miss Florida USA 2009

“Arnold is the main reason why I looked as fabulous as I did at Miss Florida USA 2009! I had other trainers in the past, but none that could push me to my limit without knowing I was being pushed so hard. I endured 45 minute workouts 2-3 a week for 2 months and had the abs to show for it. Although I worked hard, I rarely was pushed to exhaustion. Nevertheless, I was always sore the next day and knew I received an amazing workout. I used to work out 2-3 times a week at 2 hours a session and did not see the same results. Typically I looked too muscular and not feminine enough. Somehow, Arnold is able to to balance muscle and femininity when it comes to working with a woman’s body. I recommend him to anyone, man or woman, who feels they are not getting the results they desire. Not to mention, if you are put on a diet, it is filled with a ton of food that will never leave you hungry!!!”


“I can’t begin to describe how Arnold transformed my body. He is like the magician of body building. I lost 31 pounds while preparing for the Miss Florida USA Pageant. I trained with Arnold 3 x week via Skype. I always felt a difference after our work outs. I never had a day where I felt I didn’t have a fantastic work out. Arnold always maintained focus and was determined to get me in the best shape of my life. Physically along with mentally. He gets to know you as a person and really helps you prepare and achieve your goals. The food plans that he created for me were delicious and livable. I didn’t feel hungry or weak. I was even allowed to have a treat/cheat once a week. I am so happy with my results. I couldn’t have done it without his help. I continue to use my work outs that Arnold created for me, and I try to follow the food plans he recommended. When I do, I feel fantastic and energized. Arnold has changed my life drastically. I would recommend Arnold to anyone who is fully dedicated to changing their body and who wants a fantastic trainer who is as equally dedicated to the process.”

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