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Testimonial 4

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Testimonial 4

“After living in a few large cities where I had access to anything I needed and a multitude of choices,
I found moving to Daytona to be a major change. I didn’t think I would find the services I was used to receiving.
I did a bit of gym hopping when I first got here but then REVIVE was recommended to me and it is an
ideal gym for people interested in being and staying motivated and actually enjoying going to the gym.
Arnold, the owner, is dedicated to maintaining extremely high standards for himself, his trainers, and his clients.
REvive not only pushes us all to work to our potential but shows us how we can get there and doesn’t let us forget
that we have the will to do it. No excuses!
His own physique is one to be admired and he sets an example for anyone in the space.
He recently purchased all new equipment for the gym which brings the standard of excellence even higher.
He is dedicated, loyal and committed to health and wellness and helps us all achieve the same.
Angelika, my trainer, who transformed her own life and body several years back is helping me transform
into the athlete I am continually working towards.
It is a motivating environment and I would recommend REVIVE to
anyone looking for a transformation or to maintain good health or even find new friends!” Karen Williams