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Testimonial 02

My Rock of Gibraltar
Where to begin, I’ve always worked out in my younger years and my weight was never an issue. Then I let life happen , got caught up in the hustle and bustle of working 12 hour days a days a week , partying , drinking , eating unhealthy, I stopped working out, put my job first and my health on the back burner.
Without realizing it I put on the weight.
I knew I had to do something quick, but convincing myself to take that first step was tough I had been in Daytona Beach for 2 yrs and I really didn’t think I could find a trainer / coach to help and guide me. One day in April 2019 I googled fitness centers and Revive Fitness popped up. I checked out their website, reviews and Arnold Kolozsvari’s Bio, he looked really tough and he had a lot of experience and knowledge. So I emailed Revive Fitness and specifically requested a consult with Arnold. I honestly didn’t think I would get a response. Needless to say , I’ve been training with Arnold for over a year now. He has taught me so much about how my body works, nutrition specifically for my body type. How to be patient and to enjoy the little things. If you don’t, you’ll never be happy.
I started out weighing 177 lbs when I started with Arnold last April 2019. We struggled with finding a good eating regiment that works for my body. He was always on my ass whether I was at the studio training if not it was via text wanting to know what I was eating and he demanded pictures of every meal.. He was relentless and never gave up on me when many times I had already given up on myself.
I am proud to say I am now down to 151 lbs . At 53 yrs old I’m back to feeling better than I ever have. I’m in control of my body again and I know there is lot more to come. I really couldn’t of done it without you Arnold , you are my Rock of Gibraltar!!!

💪💪Mandi 😘❤