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Before – After 14

Growing up I was always known as the “skinny kid” and for good reason, I was 6′ 0″ and only 130lbs. This, however, was not because I wanted to be skinny, it was because I did not know the right ways to train and eat. Before I came to Revive and met with Carlo, I had already tried numerous workout plans and high-calorie diets in an attempt to pack on muscle. All these attempts never substantially changed my weight, and some even made me lose weight. Finally, when I came to Revive and met with Arnold and Carlo, they were able to create a set meal plan and workouts which would maximize my muscle growth in a healthy and sustainable way. Quickly I began to see improvements in my chest, legs, and arms. In addition to the muscle growth, I also learned a lot about the proper form and techniques for many of the workouts that I use today at the gym. Even now that I am back in college, I am still using the workouts Carlo made for me because I know that they will allow me to keep improving! KARAN P