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Before-After 08

I joined Revive Fitness in July of 2012.  Although skeptical, I wanted to try out the concept of Boot camp. I was at an unhealthy weight and wanted to do something to change that. I have tried several diets, gyms and what not, but after I joined Revive Fitness there was no turning back. From day one Arnold and Danny have been a positive support and have been guiding not only with the work outs but with the nutrition as well.

Although it’s a group class, it feels like a one on one as each of us are pushed to our limits to reach our goals. It is an intense training, not easy, but very effective…I started at 187 lbs and today at 142 lbs…wooo-hooo.  My goal is to reach 135 and I am on my way to it…from a size 12-14 to a size 5-6 feels great. Incredible journey so far and I feel amazing. If you are looking for real results, this is the place you need to be. Thank you …Thank you…Thank you…you guys are literally helping people change their lives for the better…Love you all.

Payal Roldan